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Хэгъэгухэр ыкIи бзэхэр

[Hjegjeguhjer ykIi bzjehjer]

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John is from London. Д--- -он-о- щ--. Джон Лондон щыщ. Д-о- Л-н-о- щ-щ- ---------------- Джон Лондон щыщ. 0
Dzh-n-Lon-o- shh-s-h. Dzhon London shhyshh. D-h-n L-n-o- s-h-s-h- --------------------- Dzhon London shhyshh.
London is in Great Britain. Л--д-н-Индж-л--ы---ы-. Лондон Инджылызым щыI. Л-н-о- И-д-ы-ы-ы- щ-I- ---------------------- Лондон Инджылызым щыI. 0
L-ndo- I-dzh---zy- shhyI. London Indzhylyzym shhyI. L-n-o- I-d-h-l-z-m s-h-I- ------------------------- London Indzhylyzym shhyI.
He speaks English. Ар -хъул-----) -н-жы--з---эк-- -эгущ-Iэ. Ар (хъулъфыгъ) инджылызыбзэкIэ мэгущыIэ. А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) и-д-ы-ы-ы-з-к-э м-г-щ-I-. ---------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) инджылызыбзэкIэ мэгущыIэ. 0
Ar--h--f--) indzh---zy--j----- mjeg-s-h----. Ar (hulfyg) indzhylyzybzjekIje mjegushhyIje. A- (-u-f-g- i-d-h-l-z-b-j-k-j- m-e-u-h-y-j-. -------------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) indzhylyzybzjekIje mjegushhyIje.
Maria is from Madrid. Мар----а-рид-щ--. Марие Мадрид щыщ. М-р-е М-д-и- щ-щ- ----------------- Марие Мадрид щыщ. 0
Mar-e ---r---shh--hh. Marie Madrid shhyshh. M-r-e M-d-i- s-h-s-h- --------------------- Marie Madrid shhyshh.
Madrid is in Spain. Ма-рид-Ис-а---м щ-I. Мадрид Испанием щыI. М-д-и- И-п-н-е- щ-I- -------------------- Мадрид Испанием щыI. 0
Mad-i- --p--ie---hhy-. Madrid Ispaniem shhyI. M-d-i- I-p-n-e- s-h-I- ---------------------- Madrid Ispaniem shhyI.
She speaks Spanish. А--(б--лъ-ы--) -сп--ы-з-к---м-г-щы--. Ар (бзылъфыгъ) испаныбзэкIэ мэгущыIэ. А- (-з-л-ф-г-) и-п-н-б-э-I- м-г-щ-I-. ------------------------------------- Ар (бзылъфыгъ) испаныбзэкIэ мэгущыIэ. 0
Ar (bz--fyg- is-a------k-je mj--ushh--j-. Ar (bzylfyg) ispanybzjekIje mjegushhyIje. A- (-z-l-y-) i-p-n-b-j-k-j- m-e-u-h-y-j-. ----------------------------------------- Ar (bzylfyg) ispanybzjekIje mjegushhyIje.
Peter and Martha are from Berlin. Пё--рэ-Мар---э----л-н щ-щ--. Пётррэ Мартэрэ Берлин щыщых. П-т-р- М-р-э-э Б-р-и- щ-щ-х- ---------------------------- Пётррэ Мартэрэ Берлин щыщых. 0
Pjot-rj- M--tjer-- Be--i--sh-y---yh. Pjotrrje Martjerje Berlin shhyshhyh. P-o-r-j- M-r-j-r-e B-r-i- s-h-s-h-h- ------------------------------------ Pjotrrje Martjerje Berlin shhyshhyh.
Berlin is in Germany. Бе-ли---ерман-ем-щ--. Берлин Германием щыI. Б-р-и- Г-р-а-и-м щ-I- --------------------- Берлин Германием щыI. 0
B-r-in-G-r-a--------yI. Berlin Germaniem shhyI. B-r-i- G-r-a-i-m s-h-I- ----------------------- Berlin Germaniem shhyI.
Do both of you speak German? Ш--ит-о н-м-ц-бзэкI- --ог-щы-а? ШъуитIо нэмыцыбзэкIэ шъогущыIа? Ш-у-т-о н-м-ц-б-э-I- ш-о-у-ы-а- ------------------------------- ШъуитIо нэмыцыбзэкIэ шъогущыIа? 0
Sh-i-Io -----cy--je---e--h--u--hy--? ShuitIo njemycybzjekIje shogushhyIa? S-u-t-o n-e-y-y-z-e-I-e s-o-u-h-y-a- ------------------------------------ ShuitIo njemycybzjekIje shogushhyIa?
London is a capital city. Л-н-он къ--э-ш-х-а-. Лондон къэлэ шъхьаI. Л-н-о- к-э-э ш-х-а-. -------------------- Лондон къэлэ шъхьаI. 0
Londo----e--e -h--aI. London kjelje shh'aI. L-n-o- k-e-j- s-h-a-. --------------------- London kjelje shh'aI.
Madrid and Berlin are also capital cities. Ма--и----ер-ин------и-к-эл--шъхь-I--. Мадриди Берлини ахэри къэлэ шъхьаIэх. М-д-и-и Б-р-и-и а-э-и к-э-э ш-х-а-э-. ------------------------------------- Мадриди Берлини ахэри къэлэ шъхьаIэх. 0
Ma-ridi B-r--n- ahj-r--k--l---shh----e-. Madridi Berlini ahjeri kjelje shh'aIjeh. M-d-i-i B-r-i-i a-j-r- k-e-j- s-h-a-j-h- ---------------------------------------- Madridi Berlini ahjeri kjelje shh'aIjeh.
Capital cities are big and noisy. К-------ь-----р---ых-ыкIи-бы--ырых. КъэлэшъхьаIэхэр иных ыкIи бырсырых. К-э-э-ъ-ь-I-х-р и-ы- ы-I- б-р-ы-ы-. ----------------------------------- КъэлэшъхьаIэхэр иных ыкIи бырсырых. 0
Kje--e-hh---je-jer---y---k-i-b---y---. Kjeljeshh'aIjehjer inyh ykIi byrsyryh. K-e-j-s-h-a-j-h-e- i-y- y-I- b-r-y-y-. -------------------------------------- Kjeljeshh'aIjehjer inyh ykIi byrsyryh.
France is in Europe. Ф-----е- -в--п-- щы-. Франциер Европэм щыI. Ф-а-ц-е- Е-р-п-м щ-I- --------------------- Франциер Европэм щыI. 0
Fra-ci-r-E--o--e----hy-. Francier Evropjem shhyI. F-a-c-e- E-r-p-e- s-h-I- ------------------------ Francier Evropjem shhyI.
Egypt is in Africa. М-с-р -фрикэм щыI. Мысыр Африкэм щыI. М-с-р А-р-к-м щ-I- ------------------ Мысыр Африкэм щыI. 0
My--- -----je--s-h-I. Mysyr Afrikjem shhyI. M-s-r A-r-k-e- s-h-I- --------------------- Mysyr Afrikjem shhyI.
Japan is in Asia. Я-они-- --ием----. Япониер Азием щыI. Я-о-и-р А-и-м щ-I- ------------------ Япониер Азием щыI. 0
J-po-ie- ----- s-hyI. Japonier Aziem shhyI. J-p-n-e- A-i-m s-h-I- --------------------- Japonier Aziem shhyI.
Canada is in North America. К----эр-Тем---Амер-к-м щы-. Канадэр Темыр Америкэм щыI. К-н-д-р Т-м-р А-е-и-э- щ-I- --------------------------- Канадэр Темыр Америкэм щыI. 0
K----je- T--yr-----i--e- s----. Kanadjer Temyr Amerikjem shhyI. K-n-d-e- T-m-r A-e-i-j-m s-h-I- ------------------------------- Kanadjer Temyr Amerikjem shhyI.
Panama is in Central America. П-н--эр --пч- ----икэ--щ-I. Панамэр Гупчэ Америкэм щыI. П-н-м-р Г-п-э А-е-и-э- щ-I- --------------------------- Панамэр Гупчэ Америкэм щыI. 0
P-na-----Gu---j--A-----j----hh--. Panamjer Gupchje Amerikjem shhyI. P-n-m-e- G-p-h-e A-e-i-j-m s-h-I- --------------------------------- Panamjer Gupchje Amerikjem shhyI.
Brazil is in South America. Б-а---иер-Къыб-- Аме--к-- щы-. Бразилиер Къыблэ Америкэм щыI. Б-а-и-и-р К-ы-л- А-е-и-э- щ-I- ------------------------------ Бразилиер Къыблэ Америкэм щыI. 0
B---i-i-r-Ky--j--Ame---jem s-h--. Brazilier Kyblje Amerikjem shhyI. B-a-i-i-r K-b-j- A-e-i-j-m s-h-I- --------------------------------- Brazilier Kyblje Amerikjem shhyI.

Languages and dialects

There are 6,000 to 7,000 different languages worldwide. The number of dialects is of course much higher. But what is the difference between language and dialect? Dialects always have a clearly localized tone. They belong to the regional language varieties. This means dialects are a language form with the narrowest reach. As a general rule, dialects are only spoken, not written. They form their own linguistic system. And they follow their own rules. Theoretically, every language can have several dialects. All dialects fall under the standard language of a country. The standard language is understood by all the people of a country. With it, even speakers of different dialects can communicate with each other. Almost all dialects are becoming less important. You hardly hear dialects being spoken in cities anymore. The standard language is usually spoken at work as well. Therefore, dialect speakers are often said to be simple and uneducated. And yet they can be found at all social levels. So dialect speakers are no less intelligent than others. Quite the opposite! Those who speak in dialect have many advantages. In a language course, for example. Dialect speakers know that there are different linguistic forms. And they have learned to switch quickly between linguistic styles. Therefore, dialect speakers possess a higher competence for variation. They can sense which linguistic style fits with a certain situation. This has even been scientifically proven. So: Have courage in using dialect – it's worth it!
Did you know?
Bulgarian is counted among the South Slavic languages. About 10 million people speak Bulgarian. The majority of those people, of course, live in Bulgaria. Bulgarian is spoken in other countries as well, however. Among those are Ukraine and Moldova. Bulgarian is one of the oldest documented Slavic languages. It has many specific features too. The similarity to Albanian and Romanian is striking. These languages are not Slavic languages. There are many parallels nevertheless. Therefore, all of these languages are also denoted as Balkan languages. They have a lot in common, although they are not related to each other. Bulgarian verbs can take on many forms. There is also no infinitive in Bulgarian. If you want to learn this interesting language you will soon discover many new things!