en Past tense 1   »   ad БлэкIыгъэ шъуашэр 1

81 [eighty-one]

Past tense 1

Past tense 1

81 [тIокIиплIырэ зырэ]

81 [tIokIiplIyrje zyrje]

БлэкIыгъэ шъуашэр 1

[BljekIygje shuashjer 1]

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to write т-эн т___ т-э- ---- тхэн 0
t---n t____ t-j-n ----- thjen
He wrote a letter. А--(-ъ---фыгъ)-п----э ыт-ы-тыг-. А_ (__________ п_____ ы_________ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) п-с-м- ы-х-щ-ы-ъ- -------------------------------- Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) письмэ ытхыщтыгъ. 0
As-- -h-lfy-) ---'mj- yth-shh---. A___ (_______ p______ y__________ A-h- (-u-f-g- p-s-m-e y-h-s-h-y-. --------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) pis'mje ythyshhtyg.
And she wrote a card. ЫкI---- (--ыл-ф-г-- ---ры--- -тхы--ы-ъ. Ы___ а_ (__________ о_______ ы_________ Ы-I- а- (-з-л-ф-г-) о-к-ы-к- ы-х-щ-ы-ъ- --------------------------------------- ЫкIи ащ (бзылъфыгъ) открыткэ ытхыщтыгъ. 0
Yk---a-hh -b-ylfyg--otkr-tk-e yth-s-htyg. Y___ a___ (________ o________ y__________ Y-I- a-h- (-z-l-y-) o-k-y-k-e y-h-s-h-y-. ----------------------------------------- YkIi ashh (bzylfyg) otkrytkje ythyshhtyg.
to read еджэн е____ е-ж-н ----- еджэн 0
edz-j-n e______ e-z-j-n ------- edzhjen
He read a magazine. А- (хъул-фы--- ж--н---х-эр--пкIа--м---жэ-----. А_ (__________ ж_____ х____________ е_________ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) ж-р-а- х-э-э-п-I-р-м е-ж-щ-ы-ъ- ---------------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) журнал хъэрэ-пкIарэм еджэщтыгъ. 0
Ar--------) z-u-n------------I--j-m-edz---------. A_ (_______ z______ h______________ e____________ A- (-u-f-g- z-u-n-l h-e-j---k-a-j-m e-z-j-s-h-y-. ------------------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) zhurnal hjerje-pkIarjem edzhjeshhtyg.
And she read a book. А- (б---ъфыг-)--хы-- --ж----г-. А_ (__________ т____ е_________ А- (-з-л-ф-г-) т-ы-ъ е-ж-щ-ы-ъ- ------------------------------- Ар (бзылъфыгъ) тхылъ еджэщтыгъ. 0
Ar --z--f--) thy--e---j-shhty-. A_ (________ t___ e____________ A- (-z-l-y-) t-y- e-z-j-s-h-y-. ------------------------------- Ar (bzylfyg) thyl edzhjeshhtyg.
to take ш--н ш___ ш-э- ---- штэн 0
sh-jen s_____ s-t-e- ------ shtjen
He took a cigarette. А---х--лъ--гъ)-т-т-ныр---таг-. А_ (__________ т______ ы______ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) т-т-н-р ы-т-г-. ------------------------------ Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) тутыныр ыштагъ. 0
As-- (---fy-)-tu-y----ysh--g. A___ (_______ t______ y______ A-h- (-u-f-g- t-t-n-r y-h-a-. ----------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) tutynyr yshtag.
She took a piece of chocolate. 4--- -бз-лъ--гъ--ш-ко--- такъы--ышт-г-. 4___ (__________ ш______ т_____ ы______ 4-;- (-з-л-ф-г-) ш-к-л-д т-к-ы- ы-т-г-. --------------------------------------- 40;щ (бзылъфыгъ) шоколад такъыр ыштагъ. 0
A-h- (bz----g----o-ola-----y- y-ht-g. A___ (________ s_______ t____ y______ A-h- (-z-l-y-) s-o-o-a- t-k-r y-h-a-. ------------------------------------- Ashh (bzylfyg) shokolad takyr yshtag.
He was disloyal, but she was loyal. А-----у-ъф-г-------къа-ъ----лъы-ъ-п,----ар-(бзыл--ыгъ- -эшъ-пк----. А_ (__________ ш_________ х_________ а_ а_ (__________ ф___________ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) ш-ы-к-а-ъ- х-л-ы-ъ-п- а- а- (-з-л-ф-г-) ф-ш-ы-к-а-ъ- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) шъыпкъагъэ хэлъыгъэп, ау ар (бзылъфыгъ) фэшъыпкъагъ. 0
As-- (--l-yg-----p-agj- h--l-g---, ---ar-(b-y-fy-)-f--s-----g. A___ (_______ s________ h_________ a_ a_ (________ f__________ A-h- (-u-f-g- s-y-k-g-e h-e-y-j-p- a- a- (-z-l-y-) f-e-h-p-a-. -------------------------------------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) shypkagje hjelygjep, au ar (bzylfyg) fjeshypkag.
He was lazy, but she was hard-working. Ар (----ъ-ыг-)----ь-хына--,--- -- -б---ъфыгъ) х-упхъ-гъэ. А_ (__________ ш___________ а_ а_ (__________ х__________ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) ш-х-а-ы-а-ъ- а- а- (-з-л-ф-г-) х-у-х-а-ъ-. --------------------------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) шъхьахынагъ, ау ар (бзылъфыгъ) хъупхъагъэ. 0
A- (-ul---- s-h-ahyna------a---b-----g- -upha--e. A_ (_______ s__________ a_ a_ (________ h________ A- (-u-f-g- s-h-a-y-a-, a- a- (-z-l-y-) h-p-a-j-. ------------------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) shh'ahynag, au ar (bzylfyg) huphagje.
He was poor, but she was rich. Ар----у-----ъ--т--ам---а-ъ, -- а- -б-ы--фыгъ- ба----. А_ (__________ т___________ а_ а_ (__________ б______ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) т-ь-м-к-а-ъ- а- а- (-з-л-ф-г-) б-и-ъ-. ----------------------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) тхьамыкIагъ, ау ар (бзылъфыгъ) баигъэ. 0
A- -h-l---- ---a-y-Iag,--- a----zy-fyg) -a-g-e. A_ (_______ t__________ a_ a_ (________ b______ A- (-u-f-g- t-'-m-k-a-, a- a- (-z-l-y-) b-i-j-. ----------------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) th'amykIag, au ar (bzylfyg) baigje.
He had no money, only debts. А---х---ъ-ы-ъ) ----- --а-ъэ-, чIыф-хэ--т--ъы--эх -ахь. А_ (__________ а____ и_______ ч_______ т________ н____ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) а-ъ-э и-а-ъ-п- ч-ы-э-э- т-л-ы-ъ-х н-х-. ------------------------------------------------------ Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) ахъщэ иIагъэп, чIыфэхэр телъыгъэх нахь. 0
As-h (--lf--- a---h-e-iI--j----c----jeh--- t-lygj-h na--. A___ (_______ a______ i_______ c__________ t_______ n____ A-h- (-u-f-g- a-s-h-e i-a-j-p- c-I-f-e-j-r t-l-g-e- n-h-. --------------------------------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) ahshhje iIagjep, chIyfjehjer telygjeh nah'.
He had no luck, only bad luck. Ащ (--у--фыг-) нас-- и-а-ъэп, -асы-ы----г- на-ь. А_ (__________ н____ и_______ н___________ н____ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) н-с-п и-а-ъ-п- н-с-п-н-ъ-г- н-х-. ------------------------------------------------ Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) насып иIагъэп, насыпынчъагъ нахь. 0
Ashh-(---f-g----s-p---a---p- nasy-y---a- nah-. A___ (_______ n____ i_______ n__________ n____ A-h- (-u-f-g- n-s-p i-a-j-p- n-s-p-n-h-g n-h-. ---------------------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) nasyp iIagjep, nasypynchag nah'.
He had no success, only failure. Ащ (хъ-л--ыг-- гъ-хъ-гъ----а-ъэп--г-эхъ----н----ъ --хь. А_ (__________ г________ и_______ г______________ н____ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) г-э-ъ-г-э и-а-ъ-п- г-э-ъ-г-э-ч-а-ъ н-х-. ------------------------------------------------------- Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) гъэхъагъэ иIагъэп, гъэхъэгъэнчъагъ нахь. 0
A--- (h---y-)-g--h-gj-----g-e-,-gje-j-g-e-cha- n-h-. A___ (_______ g_______ i_______ g_____________ n____ A-h- (-u-f-g- g-e-a-j- i-a-j-p- g-e-j-g-e-c-a- n-h-. ---------------------------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) gjehagje iIagjep, gjehjegjenchag nah'.
He was not satisfied, but dissatisfied. А- -х-улъ-ы--)-----гъ-п,-р---нчъэ н-х-. А_ (__________ р________ р_______ н____ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) р-з-г-э-, р-з-н-ъ- н-х-. --------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) рэзагъэп, рэзэнчъэ нахь. 0
A--(hu-f-----j--a--ep- r-ezj-nchj--nah'. A_ (_______ r_________ r__________ n____ A- (-u-f-g- r-e-a-j-p- r-e-j-n-h-e n-h-. ---------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) rjezagjep, rjezjenchje nah'.
He was not happy, but sad. А- -х-у-ъ----) н--ып-шI-а-ъэп, -ас--ынчъ--ъ-----. А_ (__________ н______________ н___________ н____ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) н-с-п-ш-у-г-э-, н-с-п-н-ъ-г- н-х-. ------------------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) насыпышIуагъэп, насыпынчъагъ нахь. 0
Ar-(hu---g) n---p-s-I-ag-e-- n-s--ynch-g n--'. A_ (_______ n_______________ n__________ n____ A- (-u-f-g- n-s-p-s-I-a-j-p- n-s-p-n-h-g n-h-. ---------------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) nasypyshIuagjep, nasypynchag nah'.
He was not friendly, but unfriendly. А---хъ-----гъ----хь-гъ-п- -о--ынч-а------ь. А_ (__________ г_________ г__________ н____ А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) г-х-ы-ъ-п- г-х-ы-ч-а-ъ н-х-. ------------------------------------------- Ар (хъулъфыгъ) гохьыгъэп, гохьынчъагъ нахь. 0
A- (h----g--g-h---j--- -oh'---h-g----'. A_ (_______ g_________ g_________ n____ A- (-u-f-g- g-h-y-j-p- g-h-y-c-a- n-h-. --------------------------------------- Ar (hulfyg) goh'ygjep, goh'ynchag nah'.

How children learn to speak properly

As soon as a person is born, he communicates with others. Babies cry when they want something. They can already say a few simple words at a few months of age. With two years, they can say sentences of about three words. You can't influence when children begin to speak. But you can influence how well children learn their native language! For that, however, you have to consider a few things. Above all, it's important that the child is always motivated when learning. He must recognize that he's succeeding in something when he speaks. Babies like a smile as positive feedback. Older children look for dialogue with their environment. They orient themselves towards the language of the people around them. Therefore the language skills of their parents and educators are important. Children must also learn that language is valuable! However, they should always have fun in the process. Reading aloud to them shows children how exciting language can be. Parents should also do as much as possible with their child. When a child experiences many things, he wants to talk about them. Children growing up bilingual need firm rules. They have to know which language should be spoken with whom. This way their brain can learn to differentiate between the two languages. When children start going to school, their language changes. They learn a new colloquial language. Then it's important that the parents pay attention to how their child speaks. Studies show that the first language is stamped on the brain forever. What we learn as children accompanies us for the rest of our lives. He who learns his native language properly as a child will profit from it later. He learns new things faster and better – not only foreign languages…