en Past tense of modal verbs 2   »   ad ОсэфэшI глаголмэ яблэкIыгъэ шъуашэр 2

88 [eighty-eight]

Past tense of modal verbs 2

Past tense of modal verbs 2

88 [тIокIиплIырэ ирэ]

88 [tIokIiplIyrje irje]

ОсэфэшI глаголмэ яблэкIыгъэ шъуашэр 2

[OsjefjeshI glagolmje jabljekIygje shuashjer 2]

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My son did not want to play with the doll. Сэ с----- н-------- р------ ш-----------. Сэ сишъао нысхъапэм рыджэгу шIоигъуагъэп. 0
S-- s----- n-------- r-------- s-----------. Sj- s----- n-------- r-------- s-----------. Sje sishao nyshapjem rydzhjegu shIoiguagjep. S-e s-s-a- n-s-a-j-m r-d-h-e-u s-I-i-u-g-e-. -------------------------------------------.
My daughter did not want to play football / soccer (am.). Сэ с-------- ф----- е------ ф------. Сэ сипшъашъэ футбол ешIэнэу фэягъэп. 0
S-- s--------- f----- e--------- f--------. Sj- s--------- f----- e--------- f--------. Sje sipshashje futbol eshIjenjeu fjejagjep. S-e s-p-h-s-j- f-t-o- e-h-j-n-e- f-e-a-j-p. ------------------------------------------.
My wife did not want to play chess with me. Си---------- (с-----) ш----- к----------- ш-----------. Сишъхьагъусэ (сишъуз) шахмат къыздешIэнэу шIоигъуагъэп. 0
S----'a----- (s-----) s------ k------------- s-----------. Si---------- (s-----) s------ k------------- s-----------. Sishh'agusje (sishuz) shahmat kyzdeshIjenjeu shIoiguagjep. S-s-h'a-u-j- (s-s-u-) s-a-m-t k-z-e-h-j-n-e- s-I-i-u-g-e-. -----'-------(------)------------------------------------.
My children did not want to go for a walk. Си-------- к----------- к------ ф--------. СикIалэхэр къэкIухьакIо кIонхэу фэягъэхэп. 0
S----------- k------'a--- k------- f-----------. Si---------- k----------- k------- f-----------. SikIaljehjer kjekIuh'akIo kIonhjeu fjejagjehjep. S-k-a-j-h-e- k-e-I-h'a-I- k-o-h-e- f-e-a-j-h-e-. --------------------'--------------------------.
They did not want to tidy the room. Ах--- у--- к----------- ф--------. Ахэмэ унэр къызэIахынэу фэягъэхэп. 0
A------ u---- k------------ f-----------. Ah----- u---- k------------ f-----------. Ahjemje unjer kyzjeIahynjeu fjejagjehjep. A-j-m-e u-j-r k-z-e-a-y-j-u f-e-a-j-h-e-. ----------------------------------------.
They did not want to go to bed. Ах-- г------------ ф--------. Ахэр гъолъыжьынхэу фэягъэхэп. 0
A---- g-----'y----- f-----------. Ah--- g------------ f-----------. Ahjer golyzh'ynhjeu fjejagjehjep. A-j-r g-l-z-'y-h-e- f-e-a-j-h-e-. ------------'-------------------.
He was not allowed to eat ice cream. Ащ (х--------) щ----- ы--- х-----------. Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) щтыгъэ ышхы хъущтгъагъэп. 0
A--- (h-----) s------- y---- h-----------. As-- (h-----) s------- y---- h-----------. Ashh (hulfyg) shhtygje yshhy hushhtgagjep. A-h- (h-l-y-) s-h-y-j- y-h-y h-s-h-g-g-e-. -----(------)----------------------------.
He was not allowed to eat chocolate. Ащ (х--------) ш------ ы--- х-----------. Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) шоколад ышхы хъущтгъагъэп. 0
A--- (h-----) s------- y---- h-----------. As-- (h-----) s------- y---- h-----------. Ashh (hulfyg) shokolad yshhy hushhtgagjep. A-h- (h-l-y-) s-o-o-a- y-h-y h-s-h-g-g-e-. -----(------)----------------------------.
He was not allowed to eat sweets. Ащ (х--------) к----- ы--- х-----------. Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) конфет ышхы хъущтгъагъэп. 0
A--- (h-----) k----- y---- h-----------. As-- (h-----) k----- y---- h-----------. Ashh (hulfyg) konfet yshhy hushhtgagjep. A-h- (h-l-y-) k-n-e- y-h-y h-s-h-g-g-e-. -----(------)--------------------------.
I was allowed to make a wish. Сэ з----- с-------- с-------. Сэ зыгорэ сшIоигъон сыфитыгъ. 0
S-- z------ s-------- s------. Sj- z------ s-------- s------. Sje zygorje sshIoigon syfityg. S-e z-g-r-e s-h-o-g-n s-f-t-g. -----------------------------.
I was allowed to buy myself a dress. Сэ д---- к--------------- с-------. Сэ джанэ къызыфэсщэфыжьын сыфитыгъ. 0
S-- d------ k----------------'y- s------. Sj- d------ k------------------- s------. Sje dzhanje kyzyfjesshhjefyzh'yn syfityg. S-e d-h-n-e k-z-f-e-s-h-e-y-h'y- s-f-t-g. -----------------------------'----------.
I was allowed to take a chocolate. Сэ ш------ к------- с---- с-------. Сэ шоколад конфетыр сштэн сыфитыгъ. 0
S-- s------- k------- s------ s------. Sj- s------- k------- s------ s------. Sje shokolad konfetyr sshtjen syfityg. S-e s-o-o-a- k-n-e-y- s-h-j-n s-f-t-g. -------------------------------------.
Were you allowed to smoke in the airplane? О к----------- т---- у-------- у-------? О къухьэлъатэм тутын ущешъонэу уфитыгъа? 0
O k--'j------- t---- u----------- u------? O k----------- t---- u----------- u------? O kuh'jelatjem tutyn ushheshonjeu ufityga? O k-h'j-l-t-e- t-t-n u-h-e-h-n-e- u-i-y-a? -----'-----------------------------------?
Were you allowed to drink beer in the hospital? О с--------- п--- у-------- у-------? О сымэджэщым пивэ ущешъонэу уфитыгъа? 0
O s-------------- p---- u----------- u------? O s-------------- p---- u----------- u------? O symjedzhjeshhym pivje ushheshonjeu ufityga? O s-m-e-z-j-s-h-m p-v-e u-h-e-h-n-e- u-i-y-a? --------------------------------------------?
Were you allowed to take the dog into the hotel? О х-------- х--- з--------- у-------? О хьакIэщым хьэр зыдипщэнэу уфитыгъа? 0
O h'a--------- h'j-- z------------- u------? O h----------- h---- z------------- u------? O h'akIjeshhym h'jer zydipshhjenjeu ufityga? O h'a-I-e-h-y- h'j-r z-d-p-h-j-n-e- u-i-y-a? ---'------------'--------------------------?
During the holidays the children were allowed to remain outside late. Гъ---------- к------------- б--- у----- т------- ф-------. Гъэпсэфыгъом кIэлэцIыкIухэр бэрэ урамым тетынхэу фитыгъэх. 0
G----------- k---------------- b----- u----- t-------- f-------. Gj---------- k---------------- b----- u----- t-------- f-------. Gjepsjefygom kIjeljecIykIuhjer bjerje uramym tetynhjeu fitygjeh. G-e-s-e-y-o- k-j-l-e-I-k-u-j-r b-e-j- u-a-y- t-t-n-j-u f-t-g-e-. ---------------------------------------------------------------.
They were allowed to play in the yard for a long time. Ах-- б--- щ---- щ---------- ф-------. Ахэр бэрэ щагум щыджэгунхэу фитыгъэх. 0
A---- b----- s------ s--------------- f-------. Ah--- b----- s------ s--------------- f-------. Ahjer bjerje shhagum shhydzhjegunhjeu fitygjeh. A-j-r b-e-j- s-h-g-m s-h-d-h-e-u-h-e- f-t-g-e-. ----------------------------------------------.
They were allowed to stay up late. Ах-- б--- щ------- ф-------. Ахэр бэрэ щысынхэу фитыгъэх. 0
A---- b----- s---------- f-------. Ah--- b----- s---------- f-------. Ahjer bjerje shhysynhjeu fitygjeh. A-j-r b-e-j- s-h-s-n-j-u f-t-g-e-. ---------------------------------.

Tips against forgetting

Learning is not always easy. Even when it is fun, it can be exhausting. But when we've learned something, we're happy. We're proud of ourselves and our progress. Unfortunately, we can forget what we learn. That is often a problem with languages in particular. Most of us learn one or more languages in school. This knowledge often gets lost after the school years. We hardly speak the language anymore. Our native language usually dominates our everyday life. Many foreign languages only get used on vacation. But if knowledge isn't regularly activated, it gets lost. Our brain needs exercise. It could be said that it functions like a muscle. This muscle has to be exercised, otherwise it will get weaker. But there are ways to prevent forgetting. The most important thing is to repeatedly apply what you have learned. Consistent rituals can help with this. You can plan a small routine for different days of the week. On Monday, for example, you could read a book in the foreign language. Listen to an overseas radio station on Wednesday. Then on Friday you can write in a journal in the foreign language. This way you're switching between reading, hearing and writing. Consequently, your knowledge is activated in different ways. All of these exercises don't have to last long; half an hour is enough. But it's important that you practice regularly! Studies show that what you learn stays in the brain for decades. It just has to be dug out of the drawer again…