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99 [ninety-nine]



99 [тIокIиплIырэ пшIыкIубгъурэ]

99 [tIokIiplIyrje pshIykIubgurje]



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my girlfriend’s cat с---б-жэ----(--ъ--ъэ) и-э--у с__________ (________ и_____ с-н-б-ж-г-у (-ш-а-ъ-) и-э-ы- ---------------------------- синыбджэгъу (пшъашъэ) ичэтыу 0
s-n--dz--e---(p-ha------i-hj--yu s___________ (_________ i_______ s-n-b-z-j-g- (-s-a-h-e- i-h-e-y- -------------------------------- sinybdzhjegu (pshashje) ichjetyu
my boyfriend’s dog с--ы---э-ъу-(--ал-)-ихь с__________ (______ и__ с-н-б-ж-г-у (-I-л-) и-ь ----------------------- синыбджэгъу (кIалэ) ихь 0
si---dz--eg---k----e- -h' s___________ (_______ i__ s-n-b-z-j-g- (-I-l-e- i-' ------------------------- sinybdzhjegu (kIalje) ih'
my children’s toys си-а-ы--э -джэ--а-ъ-х с________ я__________ с-с-б-й-э я-ж-г-а-ъ-х --------------------- сисабыймэ яджэгуалъэх 0
sis-byjmje j-dzhje-ualjeh s_________ j_____________ s-s-b-j-j- j-d-h-e-u-l-e- ------------------------- sisabyjmje jadzhjegualjeh
This is my colleague’s overcoat. Мы п-----у- ---о-ш----- -х---ъ----) --. М_ п_______ с__________ (__________ и__ М- п-л-т-у- с-I-ф-I-г-у (-ъ-л-ф-г-) и-. --------------------------------------- Мы палътэур сиIофшIэгъу (хъулъфыгъ) ий. 0
My pal--eu- --Iof--I-eg- (hu-fy-- i-. M_ p_______ s___________ (_______ i__ M- p-l-j-u- s-I-f-h-j-g- (-u-f-g- i-. ------------------------------------- My paltjeur siIofshIjegu (hulfyg) ij.
That is my colleague’s car. Мы м-ш--э- ---о--I-гъу -б-ылъ--г---и-. М_ м______ с__________ (__________ и__ М- м-ш-н-р с-I-ф-I-г-у (-з-л-ф-г-) и-. -------------------------------------- Мы машинэр сиIофшIэгъу (бзылъфыгъ) ий. 0
M- m----n--r--iIofs-Ij--u-(-zy-fy-) ij. M_ m________ s___________ (________ i__ M- m-s-i-j-r s-I-f-h-j-g- (-z-l-y-) i-. --------------------------------------- My mashinjer siIofshIjegu (bzylfyg) ij.
That is my colleagues’ work. М--I-ш--гъ---с---ф-Iэгъ-м- яй. М_ I________ с____________ я__ М- I-ш-а-ъ-р с-I-ф-I-г-у-э я-. ------------------------------ Мы IэшIагъэр сиIофшIэгъумэ яй. 0
My--j-sh-ag--- ----f-hIj-gu-je j-j. M_ I__________ s______________ j___ M- I-e-h-a-j-r s-I-f-h-j-g-m-e j-j- ----------------------------------- My IjeshIagjer siIofshIjegumje jaj.
The button from the shirt is gone. Джан---ч-I-- --ы-э-хъ-г-. Д_____ ч____ к___________ Д-а-э- ч-I-р к-ы-э-х-ы-ъ- ------------------------- Джанэм чыIур къыхэтхъыгъ. 0
D-ha-j-m --yI---k--j-t---. D_______ c_____ k_________ D-h-n-e- c-y-u- k-h-e-h-g- -------------------------- Dzhanjem chyIur kyhjethyg.
The garage key is gone. Гар-ж-м иI-----б-э -Iоды-ъэ. Г______ и_________ к________ Г-р-ж-м и-у-к-ы-з- к-о-ы-ъ-. ---------------------------- Гаражым иIункIыбзэ кIодыгъэ. 0
Ga-azhym-i-u-------e k-od-gj-. G_______ i__________ k________ G-r-z-y- i-u-k-y-z-e k-o-y-j-. ------------------------------ Garazhym iIunkIybzje kIodygje.
The boss’ computer is not working. С-----хьэ-е- и--м--юте- къ-к---аг-. С___________ и_________ к__________ С-I-ш-х-э-е- и-о-п-ю-е- к-э-ъ-т-г-. ----------------------------------- СиIэшъхьэтет икомпьютер къэкъутагъ. 0
SiIj-sh-----et-ik--p-jute--kje--ta-. S_____________ i__________ k________ S-I-e-h-'-e-e- i-o-p-j-t-r k-e-u-a-. ------------------------------------ SiIjeshh'jetet ikomp'juter kjekutag.
Who are the girl’s parents? Х-т- ---п----ъ-жъ-е----э--тэ-э-? Х___ м_ п___________ я__________ Х-т- м- п-ъ-ш-э-ъ-е- я-э-я-э-э-? -------------------------------- Хэта мы пшъэшъэжъыем янэ-ятэхэр? 0
H-et---y --hj--h--zh--m-ja----ja-je-jer? H____ m_ p_____________ j_______________ H-e-a m- p-h-e-h-e-h-e- j-n-e-j-t-e-j-r- ---------------------------------------- Hjeta my pshjeshjezhyem janje-jatjehjer?
How do I get to her parents’ house? С-----тэ---щ-янэ-я---э------ сын---- с----Iыщт? С________ а_ я_________ я___ с______ с_________ С-д-у-т-у а- я-э-я-э-э- я-н- с-н-с-н с-ъ-к-ы-т- ----------------------------------------------- Сыдэущтэу ащ янэ-ятэхэм яунэ сынэсын слъэкIыщт? 0
Syd----h----u ---h j-nj--jatje-j-m----nje ----e-y--slj--Iysh--? S____________ a___ j______________ j_____ s_______ s___________ S-d-e-s-h-j-u a-h- j-n-e-j-t-e-j-m j-u-j- s-n-e-y- s-j-k-y-h-t- --------------------------------------------------------------- Sydjeushhtjeu ashh janje-jatjehjem jaunje synjesyn sljekIyshht?
The house is at the end of the road. Унэ- у---ы----Iэм т--. У___ у_____ ы____ т___ У-э- у-а-ы- ы-I-м т-т- ---------------------- Унэр урамым ыкIэм тет. 0
U--e- ---my- ykIje---et. U____ u_____ y_____ t___ U-j-r u-a-y- y-I-e- t-t- ------------------------ Unjer uramym ykIjem tet.
What is the name of the capital city of Switzerland? Шв-й---ие---къ----ш-х-а-э-таущ-эу --ж-хэра? Ш_________ и_____ ш______ т______ е________ Ш-е-ц-р-е- и-ъ-л- ш-х-а-э т-у-т-у е-ж-х-р-? ------------------------------------------- Швейцарием икъэлэ шъхьаIэ таущтэу еджэхэра? 0
S-ve-car-----k----e-s-h'-I-e t-us-htj-- -dzhj---era? S__________ i______ s_______ t_________ e___________ S-v-j-a-i-m i-j-l-e s-h-a-j- t-u-h-t-e- e-z-j-h-e-a- ---------------------------------------------------- Shvejcariem ikjelje shh'aIje taushhtjeu edzhjehjera?
What is the title of the book? М- ----ъы--с-- -ъ-ь-у -Iэ-? М_ т______ с__ ш_____ и____ М- т-ы-ъ-м с-д ш-х-э- и-э-? --------------------------- Мы тхылъым сыд шъхьэу иIэр? 0
M------ym -y- -h---eu i-j-r? M_ t_____ s__ s______ i_____ M- t-y-y- s-d s-h-j-u i-j-r- ---------------------------- My thylym syd shh'jeu iIjer?
What are the names of the neighbour’s / neighbor’s (am.) children? Г-унэг--м- я-Iэ--ц----у-- с--а -цI-х-р? Г_________ я_____________ с___ а_______ Г-у-э-ъ-м- я-I-л-ц-ы-I-м- с-д- а-I-х-р- --------------------------------------- Гъунэгъумэ якIэлэцIыкIумэ сыда ацIэхэр? 0
G-njegum-- -akI-el-ecI--I-m-e -yd---cIjeh-e-? G_________ j_________________ s___ a_________ G-n-e-u-j- j-k-j-l-e-I-k-u-j- s-d- a-I-e-j-r- --------------------------------------------- Gunjegumje jakIjeljecIykIumje syda acIjehjer?
When are the children’s holidays? Сыди--у---Iэ-э--ы-Iу-э -г-э--э------? С_______ к____________ я_____________ С-д-г-у- к-э-э-I-к-у-э я-ъ-п-э-ы-ъ-р- ------------------------------------- Сыдигъуа кIэлэцIыкIумэ ягъэпсэфыгъор? 0
S----u- --je-j----kIum-e-j--j-p-jefy-o-? S______ k_______________ j______________ S-d-g-a k-j-l-e-I-k-u-j- j-g-e-s-e-y-o-? ---------------------------------------- Sydigua kIjeljecIykIumje jagjepsjefygor?
What are the doctor’s consultation times? Сы----у-----ч-р-сы--д-э-- -пл---эу-зы--г-а-ьэрэ-? С_______ в_____ с________ я_______ з_____________ С-д-г-у- в-а-ы- с-м-д-э-э я-л-ы-э- з-р-г-а-ь-р-р- ------------------------------------------------- Сыдигъуа врачыр сымаджэмэ яплъынэу зыригъажьэрэр? 0
S-d---a vr--h-r-s---d----------p-ynje--z------h'---jer? S______ v______ s___________ j________ z_______________ S-d-g-a v-a-h-r s-m-d-h-e-j- j-p-y-j-u z-r-g-z-'-e-j-r- ------------------------------------------------------- Sydigua vrachyr symadzhjemje japlynjeu zyrigazh'jerjer?
What time is the museum open? М----р -ыд с-х--тхэ--а-ы-зыла---х-рэ-? М_____ с__ с________ а__ з____________ М-з-и- с-д с-х-а-х-р а-ы з-л-ж-э-э-э-? -------------------------------------- Музеир сыд сыхьатхэр ары зылажьэхэрэр? 0
Mu--i- syd --h---h--- -ry-------'je---r-e-? M_____ s__ s_________ a__ z________________ M-z-i- s-d s-h-a-h-e- a-y z-l-z-'-e-j-r-e-? ------------------------------------------- Muzeir syd syh'athjer ary zylazh'jehjerjer?

Better concentration = better learning

When we learn we must concentrate. All of our attention must be on one thing. The ability to concentrate is not inherent. We first have to learn how to concentrate. This typically occurs in kindergarten or school. At the age of six, children can concentrate for about 15 minutes. Adolescents of 14 years can concentrate and work for twice as long. The concentration phase of adults lasts about 45 minutes. After a certain amount of time concentration dwindles. After which those studying lose interest in the material. They can also get tired or stressed. As a result, studying becomes more difficult. The memory can't retain the material as well. However, a person can increase their concentration! It's very important that you have slept enough before studying. A person who is tired can only concentrate for a short period of time. Our brain makes more mistakes when we're tired. Our emotions influence our concentration as well. A person who wants to learn efficiently should be in a neutral state of mind. Too many positive or negative emotions hinder learning success. Of course, a person can't always control his feelings. But you can try to ignore them when studying. A person who wants to be concentrated has to be motivated. We must always have a goal in mind when studying. Only then is our brain ready to concentrate. A quiet environment is also important for good concentration. And: You should drink a lot of water when studying; it keeps you awake. A person who keeps all this in mind will certainly stay concentrated for longer!