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96 [ninety-six]

Conjunctions 3

Conjunctions 3

96 [doksan altı]

Bağlaçlar 3

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I get up as soon as the alarm rings. Saa- -alar-çal------l--rım. S___ ç____ ç_____ k________ S-a- ç-l-r ç-l-a- k-l-a-ı-. --------------------------- Saat çalar çalmaz kalkarım. 0
I become tired as soon as I have to study. De-- -a-----m-ge-eki---erekm----oru-u-oru-. D___ ç_______ g______ g_______ y___________ D-r- ç-l-ş-a- g-r-k-r g-r-k-e- y-r-l-y-r-m- ------------------------------------------- Ders çalışmam gerekir gerekmez yoruluyorum. 0
I will stop working as soon as I am 60. 6--o-------a--ça--ş---a-son ------ğ-m. 6_ o___ o____ ç________ s__ v_________ 6- o-u- o-m-z ç-l-ş-a-a s-n v-r-c-ğ-m- -------------------------------------- 60 olur olmaz çalışmaya son vereceğim. 0
When will you call? Ne-za--n a-ay---k-ın--? N_ z____ a_____________ N- z-m-n a-a-a-a-s-n-z- ----------------------- Ne zaman arayacaksınız? 0
As soon as I have a moment. B---z --ş v------ol-- -l--z. B____ b__ v_____ o___ o_____ B-r-z b-ş v-k-i- o-u- o-m-z- ---------------------------- Biraz boş vaktim olur olmaz. 0
He’ll call, as soon as he has a little time. B--a- ----- --u--ol-a- ar----a--(er--k-. B____ v____ o___ o____ a_______ (_______ B-r-z v-k-i o-u- o-m-z a-a-a-a- (-r-e-)- ---------------------------------------- Biraz vakti olur olmaz arayacak (erkek). 0
How long will you work? Ne kad---ç-lışa-a---nız? N_ k____ ç______________ N- k-d-r ç-l-ş-c-k-ı-ı-? ------------------------ Ne kadar çalışacaksınız? 0
I’ll work as long as I can. Ç----abi--------a--- çalış----ım. Ç_____________ k____ ç___________ Ç-l-ş-b-l-i-i- k-d-r ç-l-ş-c-ğ-m- --------------------------------- Çalışabildiğim kadar çalışacağım. 0
I’ll work as long as I am healthy. S-ğl---- y-r-n----l-uğu-m---e--- --l--a-a-ım. S_______ y______ o_____ m_______ ç___________ S-ğ-ı-ı- y-r-n-e o-d-ğ- m-d-e-ç- ç-l-ş-c-ğ-m- --------------------------------------------- Sağlığım yerinde olduğu müddetçe çalışacağım. 0
He lies in bed instead of working. Ç-l--aca-ı -e-d-- -a-a--a-ya---or. Ç_________ y_____ y______ y_______ Ç-l-ş-c-ğ- y-r-e- y-t-k-a y-t-y-r- ---------------------------------- Çalışacağı yerde, yatakta yatıyor. 0
She reads the newspaper instead of cooking. Y--ek -işir---ği-y--d-, -a--te o---o-. Y____ p_________ y_____ g_____ o______ Y-m-k p-ş-r-c-ğ- y-r-e- g-z-t- o-u-o-. -------------------------------------- Yemek pişireceği yerde, gazete okuyor. 0
He is at the bar instead of going home. E---g--ece-i--e-de-me--ane-- -t------. E__ g_______ y____ m________ o________ E-e g-d-c-ğ- y-r-e m-y-a-e-e o-u-u-o-. -------------------------------------- Eve gideceği yerde meyhanede oturuyor. 0
As far as I know, he lives here. B---iği- -----ı-l-, o (--k--- b----a o--r-yo-. B_______ k_________ o (______ b_____ o________ B-l-i-i- k-d-r-y-a- o (-r-e-) b-r-d- o-u-u-o-. ---------------------------------------------- Bildiğim kadarıyla, o (erkek) burada oturuyor. 0
As far as I know, his wife is ill. Bi---ğ-m--a-----la-h-nı--------. B_______ k________ h_____ h_____ B-l-i-i- k-d-r-y-a h-n-m- h-s-a- -------------------------------- Bildiğim kadarıyla hanımı hasta. 0
As far as I know, he is unemployed. Bi-di-i- --d-r-y----o--ş---. B_______ k_________ o i_____ B-l-i-i- k-d-r-y-a- o i-s-z- ---------------------------- Bildiğim kadarıyla, o işsiz. 0
I overslept; otherwise I’d have been on time. Uyu----a-mı-----y-ksa ---i- -lurd-m. U____ k________ y____ d____ o_______ U-u-a k-l-ı-ı-, y-k-a d-k-k o-u-d-m- ------------------------------------ Uyuya kalmışım, yoksa dakik olurdum. 0
I missed the bus; otherwise I’d have been on time. O-obüsü k-çı-m--tım- yo-s- d-k-k------um. O______ k___________ y____ d____ o_______ O-o-ü-ü k-ç-r-ı-t-m- y-k-a d-k-k o-u-d-m- ----------------------------------------- Otobüsü kaçırmıştım, yoksa dakik olurdum. 0
I didn’t find the way / I got lost; otherwise I’d have been on time. Yolu --l-m-d----y------ak-k---ur--m. Y___ b_________ y____ d____ o_______ Y-l- b-l-m-d-m- y-k-a d-k-k o-u-d-m- ------------------------------------ Yolu bulamadım, yoksa dakik olurdum. 0

Language and math

Thinking and speech go together. They influence one another. Linguistic structures influence the structures of our thinking. In some languages, for example, there are no words for numbers. The speakers do not understand the concept of numbers. So math and language also go together in some way. Grammatical and mathematical structures are often similar. Some researchers believe that they are also processed similarly. They believe that the speech center is also responsible for math. It can help the brain to perform calculations. Recent studies are coming to another conclusion, however. They show that our brain processes math without speech. Researchers studied three men. The brains of these test subjects were injured. As a result, the speech center was also damaged. The men had big problems with speaking. They could no longer formulate simple sentences. They couldn't understand words either. After the speech test the men had to solve math problems. A few of these mathematical puzzles were very complex. Even so, the test subjects could solve them! The results of this study are very interesting. They show that math is not encoded with words. It's possible that language and math have the same basis. Both are processed from the same center. But math doesn't have to be translated into speech first. Perhaps language and math develop together too... Then when the brain has finished developing, they exist separately!