en Subordinate clauses: that 2   »   bg Подчинени изречения с че 2

92 [ninety-two]

Subordinate clauses: that 2

Subordinate clauses: that 2

92 [деветдесет и две]

92 [devetdeset i dve]

Подчинени изречения с че 2

[Podchineni izrecheniya s che 2]

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I’m angry that you snore. Др-з-я--е, ---х-р---. Д_____ с__ ч_ х______ Д-а-н- с-, ч- х-р-а-. --------------------- Дразня се, че хъркаш. 0
D-azn---s-,-ch- --yrk---. D______ s__ c__ k________ D-a-n-a s-, c-e k-y-k-s-. ------------------------- Draznya se, che khyrkash.
I’m angry that you drink so much beer. Д-а-ня --- че --еш--о-к----м--го-би--. Д_____ с__ ч_ п___ т______ м____ б____ Д-а-н- с-, ч- п-е- т-л-о-а м-о-о б-р-. -------------------------------------- Дразня се, че пиеш толкова много бира. 0
Dra---a -e--ch- pi-s--t-l-ov--m-o-o-b-r-. D______ s__ c__ p____ t______ m____ b____ D-a-n-a s-, c-e p-e-h t-l-o-a m-o-o b-r-. ----------------------------------------- Draznya se, che piesh tolkova mnogo bira.
I’m angry that you come so late. Д-аз---с-,----с---р---------о-а---сно. Д_____ с__ ч_ с_ в_____ т______ к_____ Д-а-н- с-, ч- с- в-ъ-а- т-л-о-а к-с-о- -------------------------------------- Дразня се, че се връщаш толкова късно. 0
Drazn-a se--ch- -e vry-hchas---o-kov--k--n-. D______ s__ c__ s_ v_________ t______ k_____ D-a-n-a s-, c-e s- v-y-h-h-s- t-l-o-a k-s-o- -------------------------------------------- Draznya se, che se vryshchash tolkova kysno.
I think he needs a doctor. Ми-ля, че---й---- ну-д- -т л--а-. М_____ ч_ т__ и__ н____ о_ л_____ М-с-я- ч- т-й и-а н-ж-а о- л-к-р- --------------------------------- Мисля, че той има нужда от лекар. 0
Mi---a,-ch- -oy ----n---da--- --k-r. M______ c__ t__ i__ n_____ o_ l_____ M-s-y-, c-e t-y i-a n-z-d- o- l-k-r- ------------------------------------ Mislya, che toy ima nuzhda ot lekar.
I think he is ill. Мис--,--е то--- бол-н. М_____ ч_ т__ е б_____ М-с-я- ч- т-й е б-л-н- ---------------------- Мисля, че той е болен. 0
Mi-lya,-----to- -- bo-en. M______ c__ t__ y_ b_____ M-s-y-, c-e t-y y- b-l-n- ------------------------- Mislya, che toy ye bolen.
I think he is sleeping now. М--л---ч- той-спи-сега. М_____ ч_ т__ с__ с____ М-с-я- ч- т-й с-и с-г-. ----------------------- Мисля, че той спи сега. 0
Misl--, che-to- s-- ---a. M______ c__ t__ s__ s____ M-s-y-, c-e t-y s-i s-g-. ------------------------- Mislya, che toy spi sega.
We hope that he marries our daughter. Н--я-аме-с---ч- --й--- -- о---и-з- --шата -ъщ-р-. Н_______ с__ ч_ т__ щ_ с_ о____ з_ н_____ д______ Н-д-в-м- с-, ч- т-й щ- с- о-е-и з- н-ш-т- д-щ-р-. ------------------------------------------------- Надяваме се, че той ще се ожени за нашата дъщеря. 0
N--y------se---he--o-----he -e o-he-- z- na--a-- dy---h----. N________ s__ c__ t__ s____ s_ o_____ z_ n______ d__________ N-d-a-a-e s-, c-e t-y s-c-e s- o-h-n- z- n-s-a-a d-s-c-e-y-. ------------------------------------------------------------ Nadyavame se, che toy shche se ozheni za nashata dyshcherya.
We hope that he has a lot of money. На-яв-ме------е-то---ма---ого-----. Н_______ с__ ч_ т__ и__ м____ п____ Н-д-в-м- с-, ч- т-й и-а м-о-о п-р-. ----------------------------------- Надяваме се, че той има много пари. 0
Nad---am--s---ch- -o- i-a --ogo-pa-i. N________ s__ c__ t__ i__ m____ p____ N-d-a-a-e s-, c-e t-y i-a m-o-o p-r-. ------------------------------------- Nadyavame se, che toy ima mnogo pari.
We hope that he is a millionaire. Над-ваме-с-, -е-той ---илион-р. Н_______ с__ ч_ т__ е м________ Н-д-в-м- с-, ч- т-й е м-л-о-е-. ------------------------------- Надяваме се, че той е милионер. 0
N---av-me-se,-c-e---y-ye-mi-io--r. N________ s__ c__ t__ y_ m________ N-d-a-a-e s-, c-e t-y y- m-l-o-e-. ---------------------------------- Nadyavame se, che toy ye milioner.
I heard that your wife had an accident. Чух,-че --------е п---ъ-пяла---оп---ка. Ч___ ч_ ж___ т_ е п_________ з_________ Ч-х- ч- ж-н- т- е п-е-ъ-п-л- з-о-о-у-а- --------------------------------------- Чух, че жена ти е претърпяла злополука. 0
Chukh, --e z-e-- -i y- --e-yr-y-la z--p-lu--. C_____ c__ z____ t_ y_ p__________ z_________ C-u-h- c-e z-e-a t- y- p-e-y-p-a-a z-o-o-u-a- --------------------------------------------- Chukh, che zhena ti ye pretyrpyala zlopoluka.
I heard that she is in the hospital. Ч-х------я --ж--в б--н----а. Ч___ ч_ т_ л___ в б_________ Ч-х- ч- т- л-ж- в б-л-и-а-а- ---------------------------- Чух, че тя лежи в болницата. 0
Chu-h, --e t-a l-z-i - b-ln-tsat-. C_____ c__ t__ l____ v b__________ C-u-h- c-e t-a l-z-i v b-l-i-s-t-. ---------------------------------- Chukh, che tya lezhi v bolnitsata.
I heard that your car is completely wrecked. Чух- че-к------т- е с-в--м-см-----а. Ч___ ч_ к_____ т_ е с_____ с________ Ч-х- ч- к-л-т- т- е с-в-е- с-а-к-н-. ------------------------------------ Чух, че колата ти е съвсем смачкана. 0
Ch--h----- k-l--- ti -e--yvsem-s-a--k-n-. C_____ c__ k_____ t_ y_ s_____ s_________ C-u-h- c-e k-l-t- t- y- s-v-e- s-a-h-a-a- ----------------------------------------- Chukh, che kolata ti ye syvsem smachkana.
I’m happy that you came. Рад-а--с-- ч- -о-до-те. Р_____ с__ ч_ д________ Р-д-а- с-, ч- д-й-о-т-. ----------------------- Радвам се, че дойдохте. 0
R----m-se----e d-ydok-te. R_____ s__ c__ d_________ R-d-a- s-, c-e d-y-o-h-e- ------------------------- Radvam se, che doydokhte.
I’m happy that you are interested. Р--в----е---е ---я--ва-е -н--р-с. Р_____ с__ ч_ п_________ и_______ Р-д-а- с-, ч- п-о-в-в-т- и-т-р-с- --------------------------------- Радвам се, че проявявате интерес. 0
R-d------, ch- -r---vya--t--i-----s. R_____ s__ c__ p___________ i_______ R-d-a- s-, c-e p-o-a-y-v-t- i-t-r-s- ------------------------------------ Radvam se, che proyavyavate interes.
I’m happy that you want to buy the house. Р---а------че ис---- -а к--ите-к----а. Р_____ с__ ч_ и_____ д_ к_____ к______ Р-д-а- с-, ч- и-к-т- д- к-п-т- к-щ-т-. -------------------------------------- Радвам се, че искате да купите къщата. 0
R---a----- ch- ---ate ---ku--te-----cha--. R_____ s__ c__ i_____ d_ k_____ k_________ R-d-a- s-, c-e i-k-t- d- k-p-t- k-s-c-a-a- ------------------------------------------ Radvam se, che iskate da kupite kyshchata.
I’m afraid the last bus has already gone. О-ас-вам се, ч--п------и-- ав-о--- в-че е-от----в-л. О_______ с__ ч_ п_________ а______ в___ е о_________ О-а-я-а- с-, ч- п-с-е-н-я- а-т-б-с в-ч- е о-п-т-в-л- ---------------------------------------------------- Опасявам се, че последният автобус вече е отпътувал. 0
O------------ -h------e---y---a----us--ech- -e otpy-u-a-. O________ s__ c__ p__________ a______ v____ y_ o_________ O-a-y-v-m s-, c-e p-s-e-n-y-t a-t-b-s v-c-e y- o-p-t-v-l- --------------------------------------------------------- Opasyavam se, che posledniyat avtobus veche ye otpytuval.
I’m afraid we will have to take a taxi. Оп-с-вам --,-ч---р-бв- да вз---м -акси. О_______ с__ ч_ т_____ д_ в_____ т_____ О-а-я-а- с-, ч- т-я-в- д- в-е-е- т-к-и- --------------------------------------- Опасявам се, че трябва да вземем такси. 0
Op--y-vam -e- --e tryabva da v-e-em-t--s-. O________ s__ c__ t______ d_ v_____ t_____ O-a-y-v-m s-, c-e t-y-b-a d- v-e-e- t-k-i- ------------------------------------------ Opasyavam se, che tryabva da vzemem taksi.
I’m afraid I have no more money. Опа-явам--е---- --м----а-- в --бе си. О_______ с__ ч_ н____ п___ в с___ с__ О-а-я-а- с-, ч- н-м-м п-р- в с-б- с-. ------------------------------------- Опасявам се, че нямам пари в себе си. 0
O-a--av-m -e---he --a--m p-ri-- se-- si. O________ s__ c__ n_____ p___ v s___ s__ O-a-y-v-m s-, c-e n-a-a- p-r- v s-b- s-. ---------------------------------------- Opasyavam se, che nyamam pari v sebe si.

From gestures to speech

When we speak or listen, our brain has a lot to do. It has to process the linguistic signals. Gestures and symbols are linguistic signals too. They existed even before human speech. Some symbols are understood in all cultures. Others have to be learned. They can't be understood just by looking at them. Gestures and symbols are processed like speech. And they are processed in the same area of the brain! A new study has proven this. Researchers tested several test subjects. These test subjects had to view various video clips. While they were watching the clips, their brain activity was measured. In one group, the clips expressed various things. These occurred through movements, symbols and speech. The other test group watched different video clips. These videos were nonsense clips. Speech, gestures and symbols didn't exist. They had no meaning. In the measurements, the researchers saw what was processed where. They could compare the brain activity of the test subjects. Everything that had meaning was analyzed in the same area. The results of this experiment are very interesting. They show how our brain has learned language over time. At first, man communicated with gestures. Later he developed a language. The brain had to learn, therefore, to process speech like gestures. And evidently it simply updated the old version …