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55 [fifty-five]



55 [пяцьдзесят пяць]

55 [pyats’dzesyat pyats’]



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What do you do for a living? Кім -ы-п--цуец-? К-- В- п-------- К-м В- п-а-у-ц-? ---------------- Кім Вы працуеце? 0
Kіm-V---r------s-? K-- V- p---------- K-m V- p-a-s-e-s-? ------------------ Kіm Vy pratsuetse?
My husband is a doctor. Мо- -------п--фесі- -----р. М-- м-- п- п------- д------ М-й м-ж п- п-а-е-і- д-к-а-. --------------------------- Мой муж па прафесіі доктар. 0
Mo--muz---a pr-fesіі ----ar. M-- m--- p- p------- d------ M-y m-z- p- p-a-e-і- d-k-a-. ---------------------------- Moy muzh pa prafesіі doktar.
I work as a nurse part-time. Я -рацую-на ----т-ўкі -е------ой. Я п----- н- п-------- м---------- Я п-а-у- н- п-ў-т-ў-і м-д-я-т-о-. --------------------------------- Я працую на паўстаўкі медсястрой. 0
Ya-pr-t--y--n--paus-au-----ds----roy. Y- p------- n- p-------- m----------- Y- p-a-s-y- n- p-u-t-u-і m-d-y-s-r-y- ------------------------------------- Ya pratsuyu na paustaukі medsyastroy.
We will soon receive our pension. Хут-а----в---з-м на------ю. Х---- м- в------ н- п------ Х-т-а м- в-й-з-м н- п-н-і-. --------------------------- Хутка мы выйдзем на пенсію. 0
K-utk- -- v-y---m-na---n-іy-. K----- m- v------ n- p------- K-u-k- m- v-y-z-m n- p-n-і-u- ----------------------------- Khutka my vyydzem na pensіyu.
But taxes are high. А-- -а-а-кі вы-окі-. А-- п------ в------- А-е п-д-т-і в-с-к-я- -------------------- Але падаткі высокія. 0
Al-------kі --so--y-. A-- p------ v-------- A-e p-d-t-і v-s-k-y-. --------------------- Ale padatkі vysokіya.
And health insurance is expensive. І стра--ван-- -- выпа--- х---о----а-аго-. І с---------- н- в------ х------ д------- І с-р-х-в-н-е н- в-п-д-к х-а-о-ы д-р-г-е- ----------------------------------------- І страхаванне на выпадак хваробы дарагое. 0
І st-a--a---ne na v--adak khva-oby -ar-goe. І s----------- n- v------ k------- d------- І s-r-k-a-a-n- n- v-p-d-k k-v-r-b- d-r-g-e- ------------------------------------------- І strakhavanne na vypadak khvaroby daragoe.
What would you like to become some day? К-м-т--х-чаш ст-ц-? К-- т- х---- с----- К-м т- х-ч-ш с-а-ь- ------------------- Кім ты хочаш стаць? 0
Kі- -y-kho-ha-h s-ats’? K-- t- k------- s------ K-m t- k-o-h-s- s-a-s-? ----------------------- Kіm ty khochash stats’?
I would like to become an engineer. Я ---а--с-ац---н---е---. Я ж---- с---- і--------- Я ж-д-ю с-а-ь і-ж-н-р-м- ------------------------ Я жадаю стаць інжынерам. 0
Y--z-a-ayu ---ts’----hyn-r--. Y- z------ s----- і---------- Y- z-a-a-u s-a-s- і-z-y-e-a-. ----------------------------- Ya zhadayu stats’ іnzhyneram.
I want to go to college. Я----а- вучы--------н-верс-тэ--. Я ж---- в------ в- у------------ Я ж-д-ю в-ч-ц-а в- у-і-е-с-т-ц-. -------------------------------- Я жадаю вучыцца ва універсітэце. 0
Y- zh-da-u--uch--st------u-----s-tetse. Y- z------ v--------- v- u------------- Y- z-a-a-u v-c-y-s-s- v- u-і-e-s-t-t-e- --------------------------------------- Ya zhadayu vuchytstsa va unіversіtetse.
I am an intern. Я практыка--. Я п---------- Я п-а-т-к-н-. ------------- Я практыкант. 0
Y- pr-kt--a--. Y- p---------- Y- p-a-t-k-n-. -------------- Ya praktykant.
I do not earn much. Я зар--ля--няш---. Я з------- н------ Я з-р-б-я- н-ш-а-. ------------------ Я зарабляю няшмат. 0
Ya----a--y--u--ya-----. Y- z--------- n-------- Y- z-r-b-y-y- n-a-h-a-. ----------------------- Ya zarablyayu nyashmat.
I am doing an internship abroad. Я ---хо----пр--т--- --------. Я п------- п------- з- м----- Я п-а-о-ж- п-а-т-к- з- м-ж-й- ----------------------------- Я праходжу практыку за мяжой. 0
Y- -rak---zhu--ra-t-k- -a--ya--oy. Y- p--------- p------- z- m------- Y- p-a-h-d-h- p-a-t-k- z- m-a-h-y- ---------------------------------- Ya prakhodzhu praktyku za myazhoy.
That is my boss. Г--а-мо- н-ч--ьн-к. Г--- м-- н--------- Г-т- м-й н-ч-л-н-к- ------------------- Гэта мой начальнік. 0
Geta-m-y--ac--l---k. G--- m-- n---------- G-t- m-y n-c-a-’-і-. -------------------- Geta moy nachal’nіk.
I have nice colleagues. У-м-не пр--м----к-легі. У м--- п------- к------ У м-н- п-ы-м-ы- к-л-г-. ----------------------- У мяне прыемныя калегі. 0
U----ne-pry-m-y-a ka--gі. U m---- p-------- k------ U m-a-e p-y-m-y-a k-l-g-. ------------------------- U myane pryemnyya kalegі.
We always go to the cafeteria at noon. У -б-д-----аўсёды х---ім-у---а-оў-у. У а--- м- з------ х----- у с-------- У а-е- м- з-ў-ё-ы х-д-і- у с-а-о-к-. ------------------------------------ У абед мы заўсёды ходзім у сталоўку. 0
U-ab-d my zause---kho-zіm - s-al-uk-. U a--- m- z------ k------ u s-------- U a-e- m- z-u-e-y k-o-z-m u s-a-o-k-. ------------------------------------- U abed my zausedy khodzіm u stalouku.
I am looking for a job. Я-ш-ка- -е-ц- п----. Я ш---- м---- п----- Я ш-к-ю м-с-а п-а-ы- -------------------- Я шукаю месца працы. 0
Y- s--ka------t-a -r-t-y. Y- s------ m----- p------ Y- s-u-a-u m-s-s- p-a-s-. ------------------------- Ya shukayu mestsa pratsy.
I have already been unemployed for a year. Я-ўжо -од бе-п----ўны. Я ў-- г-- б----------- Я ў-о г-д б-с-р-ц-ў-ы- ---------------------- Я ўжо год беспрацоўны. 0
Y---z-- g-d be-pr----u-y. Y- u--- g-- b------------ Y- u-h- g-d b-s-r-t-o-n-. ------------------------- Ya uzho god bespratsouny.
There are too many unemployed people in this country. У гэ-ай-кра-не -а--д-а -мат -е-пра----ы-. У г---- к----- з------ ш--- б------------ У г-т-й к-а-н- з-н-д-а ш-а- б-с-р-ц-ў-ы-. ----------------------------------------- У гэтай краіне занадта шмат беспрацоўных. 0
U--etay-k--і---za-ad-a--h-a- bes-ra--ou-ykh. U g---- k----- z------ s---- b-------------- U g-t-y k-a-n- z-n-d-a s-m-t b-s-r-t-o-n-k-. -------------------------------------------- U getay kraіne zanadta shmat bespratsounykh.

Memory needs speech

Most people remember their first day of school. However, they no longer recall that which came before. We have almost no memory of our first years of life. But why is that? Why can't we remember the experiences we had as a baby? The reason lies in our development. Speech and memory develop at about the same time. And in order to remember something, a person needs speech. That is, he must have words for that which he experiences. Scientists have conducted various tests with children. In doing so, they made an interesting discovery. As soon as children learn to speak, they forget everything that came before. The beginning of speech is therefore also the beginning of memory. Children learn a great deal in the first three years of their lives. They experience new things every day. They also have many important experiences at this age. Despite this, it all disappears. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as infantile amnesia. Only the things that children can name remain. The autobiographical memory retains personal experiences. It functions like a journal. Everything that is important in our life is recorded in it. In this way, the autobiographical memory forms our identity. But its development is dependent upon the learning of the native language. And we can only activate our memory through our speech. The things that we learn as a baby are not really gone, of course. They are stored somewhere in our brain. We just can't access them anymore… – that's a shame, isn't it?